About us

Panchhi is a brand born with a sole motto to serve all women an ethnic range of clothing that is of supreme quality & excellent craftsmanship. We are working towards building a brand that embraces & combines our traditional structures with a series of different colours, textures and silhouettes. 

While in India, we take pride in the diverse culture that is so inherent to us as a country, preserving this diversity is an entirely different thing. But when blessed with such rich heritage, it becomes our solemn duty to preserve this treasure for the generations to come and that is our primal focus & the philosophy we work with at House of Panchhi. 

Our team loves to experiment with the traditional designs while making sure we stay true to our roots. We are constantly re-innovating India's traditional ethnic wears to suit the current fashion trends. The idea is to bring forth the beauty of Indian ethnics in a form that suits the modern aesthetics and uphold the inherent elegance of such clothing. We pride ourselves for serving true Indian tradition that adds hues of happiness to every occasion & comes at a budget friendly price.