Boomerang Trends: How Lehenga Styles Keep Coming Back

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There are many traditional Indian outfits with a rich history, but none is more splendid or alluring than the lehenga-choli. It has a pivotal history that has always played a major role in Indian fashion.

The Lehenga Craze!! 

Since the beginning of time, lehengas have been an integral part of Indian culture and are still in style today. While there are many options for wedding or party attire, an Indian lehenga is just unmatched in beauty.


Every industry has its share of trends. After all, it is what keeps the crowd energized, and Lehengas are obviously no exception.

The Past Rizzz….
  • Indians gained fame for the lehenga choli during the Mughal Empire, where the lehenga gradually evolved into a royal garment.  
  • Since then, everything about the lehenga has changed, including the embroidery, fabrics like silk and brocade, and the stitching patterns. Instead of being the norm for the majority of Indians, this royal attire is now a statement of fashion.  
  • Lehengas did not regain popularity as a trendy outfit until the 1990s. The lavish Bollywood movies with wedding scenes were the ones that would captivate fans with their vivid colors and beautiful needlework.  
  • And after becoming widely accepted in Bollywood films, it made an appearance on the runway during Indian Fashion Week.  
  • Traditional lehengas gave way to avant-garde styles like straight lehengas, a-lines, paneled lehengas, mermaid or fishtail lehengas, and many more. 
Revolutionizing the Trends…..
  • The clothing worn today differs from that worn centuries ago in a variety of little ways. 
  • There are also many more varieties, from the classic ones still worn in the villages of Rajasthan to the innovative, modern ones seen on fashion ramps and red carpets.  
  • Today the Lehengas have changed not only in terms of style but also in terms of philosophy, sociology, history, politics, and geography.  
The Current Vogue!!
  • Of course, there is a huge selection of intriguing lehenga cholis available on the market today. The variety is extremely wide, ranging from intricately embellished designer lehengas to vibrant festival lehengas.  
  • Depending on the chosen silhouette, the skirt style can change. For example, mermaid-cut skirts have a seductive fit that is close to the knees before beautifully flaring out. A-line skirts feature the standard, straight-cut appearance of Western skirts, whereas circular lehengas have a fall that is both structured and voluminous with a broad spread. 
  • The Lehenga Cholis that are currently on the market use urban themes and techniques. Even though the Lehenga Cholis are minimalistic and visually appealing, they still show signs of cultural tradition. 

Rebounding Trends…

"Retro." "Vintage." "That looks so 90s!" 

Do you hear this often? Quite a lot, right?  

Have you ever wondered why the latest fashion trends have fallen out and outdated designs are taking over the market? It is the boomerang impact of trends in clothing.  

  • According to industry experts, this occurs once every 20 years. And that two decades is sufficient to settle the current tendencies and come to the conclusion that the earlier ones were far superior.  
  • The repeating trends in Lehengas are due to the fact that Indian designers have significantly broadened the scope of their businesses and designs over the past several decades. Rediscovering traditional patterns and designs is one of their main areas of interest now.  
  • Additionally, social media has changed the game entirely. Girls choose vivacious fashion choices to appear polished on social media. The notion of rekindling the old-fashioned sparks while clicking like or browsing Instagram or Pinterest.  
The Upcoming Sensation!!
  • A lot of designers are looking into various eras in the history of lehenga-cholis in an effort to uncover and revive the pride in gorgeous classic designs that have been out of style for a long time.  
  • They are also planning on fusing unique Western aesthetics into their designs to produce chic, fusion clothing.  
  • Additionally, they want to make sure the lehenga has absorbed and combined with contemporary influences and world trends. 
Wrapping up (just like the trend of heavy lehengas)…
  • Designers from throughout the nation have given the lehenga their own unique spin, and the weavers of these lehengas have added their own innovations to a variety of fabrics.  
  • Now that we live in a social media age, we are more aware of many cultures and their artistic creations. Observing how the lehenga evolved from a royal garment to what it is today is quite amazing.  
  • House Of Panchhi has been influenced by the interchange of culture and customs within communities as well as by the always-shifting geopolitical situations.

At House Of Panchhi, each of our lehengas is an homage to this iconic outfit that has stood the test of time and fashion. Browse through our sizable collection, which demonstrates the dedication and tenacity of the talented weavers in our land.

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