Trends That Will Stay Around

In the Library of Fashion, Lehengas stood as a timeless symbol of cultural elegance and grace, a legacy that transcends centuries. The Lehenga, with its roots deeply embedded in Indian history, has witnessed a fascinating metamorphosis over the years. From being the attire of choice for royalty to becoming a global fashion statement, Lehengas have traversed a remarkable journey. In the modern era, designers continually push the boundaries of tradition, infusing contemporary elements into the classic silhouette, resulting in an array of mesmerizing styles.

2023, in particular, has been a year where Lehenga trends have not merely followed fashion but have set the stage for a redefined cultural narrative. The diversity in styles, the celebration of regional influences, and the fusion of tradition with innovation have made this year's House of Panchhi Lehengas exceptional.

It's time to examine a few emerging bridal fashion trends as the new year approaches, particularly lehengas. Scroll down to see our take on the latest bridal lehengas trends from 2023 to get a taste of trends that have not only captured hearts this year but are poised to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of fashion for years to come.

Color Palette Trends

2023 witnessed a vibrant display of colors in Lehenga fashion. From bold and bright hues to pastel perfection, the color palette was diverse and inclusive. The influence of Pantone's Color of the Year(Peach) was evident, with many Lehengas featuring the trending shades that dominated the fashion scene.

Lehenga Fabric Stories

The choice of fabric played a crucial role in defining Lehenga trends this year. Lightweight fabrics like georgette and organza gained popularity for their comfort and graceful draping. Velvet and silk continued to hold their own, adding richness to Lehenga designs.

Embrace the Vogue Trails

No matter how lengthy your lehenga trail is, it can offer your bridal look a magnificent queen-like vibe. In 2023, we saw most designers and couture labels have begun to incorporate these sweeping trails into their lehenga patterns. And for brides, it's all about them! We anticipate that this trend will continue and that we will witness more dramatic lehenga trails.

Silhouette Styles

The variety in Lehenga silhouettes was a standout feature this year. While traditional A-line and flared Lehengas maintained their allure, contemporary cuts like mermaid and high-low styles gained momentum. The fusion of different silhouettes showcased the adaptability of Lehengas to diverse tastes in 2023 trends.

Comfort >> Luxury

Brides nowadays are willing to splurge on their lehenga cholis and choose something exquisite, regal, and fashionable. What was previously unheard of due to its lightness and simplicity is now back on the radar for the same reasons. Light lehenga, comfort, and style have given rise to simple and modern lehenga designs that edgy brides are eager to embrace. You can skip the usual heavy red lehenga in favor of this light blue bridal lehenga with a designer crop top and a fun cape. If you're planning a fairy tale fantasy, this Panchhi lehenga design(ADD LINK) is ideal for a wonderful and starry night.

Celebrities Setting Trends

With one after another celeb marrying in lavish ceremonies 2023 ends with a bang! As always, celebrities played a pivotal role in shaping Lehenga trends. Whether it was Bollywood divas gracing red carpets or influencers showcasing their wedding looks, celebrity fashion became a source of inspiration for many. Iconic moments created by celebrities in Lehenga styles became instant trends like Kiara’s lehenga in ombre hues and Athiya Shetty’s rose-pink chikankari lehenga.

Pretty Prints To Go

Brides are increasingly choosing printed lehengas for pre-wedding festivities such as mehendi and haldi, leaving the primary fairy-tale sentiments for their wedding day. And just because these lehengas are more relaxed doesn't mean they're any less lovely. Printed lehengas, on the other hand, appeal to us more because of their distinctive colors and vibrant prints. They are also the most easily repurposed.

Organza All The Way

Organza has emerged as the darling of Lehenga fabrics, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its sheer elegance and versatility. Being a sheer and lightweight fabric has helped Organza make waves in the world of Lehengas. Its transparent texture and subtle sheen add a touch of sophistication to bridal wear. The benefits of choosing Organza Lehengas are comfort, breathability, and the ability to effortlessly transition from day to night ceremonies.

Jacket Lehenga: A Style Statement

Jacket Lehengas are making a bold statement in the fashion world by adding a touch of regality to ethnic ensembles. Fusing a traditional Lehenga with a stylish jacket creates a captivating silhouette. The versatility of Jacket Lehengas allows for diverse styling options, making them a favorite among fashionistas Each style adds a unique touch, allowing brides to express their personality through their attire.

Vibrant Technicolor Lehenga

Bid farewell to traditional color palettes; the Technicolor trend is here to stay. From bold and bright tones to pastel delights, the Technicolor trend encourages fashion enthusiasts to experiment with diverse color palettes. The Technicolor trend is all about breaking away from traditional color norms and exploring a diverse palette that includes bold and bright tones, as well as soothing pastels. The beauty of Technicolor Lehengas lies in their ability to infuse energy and playfulness into ethnic wear. This year, embrace the vivacious charm of Technicolor Lehengas that celebrate a spectrum of hues.

Future Predictions

As we bid farewell to 2023, some Lehenga trends are likely to continue their reign into the next year. The fusion of traditional and modern elements, sustainable practices, and a celebration of regional diversity are expected to remain influential. Keep an eye on emerging styles and influences that will shape the Lehenga landscape in the coming months.


The Lehenga trends of 2023 have been a celebration of diversity, creativity, and tradition.
Lehengas, the epitome of grace and tradition, have witnessed a fascinating evolution in the year 2023. This year, we have seen a delightful blend of timeless classics and contemporary twists, making Lehengas more versatile than ever. As we look ahead, the future promises to be equally exciting, with Lehenga styles that resonate with individuality and cultural richness. Follow House of Panchhi on Instagram for emerging styles and influences to watch out for.