Tailored Elegance: Customize Your Lehenga with House of Panchhi

“Oh! Love the piece, it would look even better with a square neck!”

Ever seen your dream lehenga and wanted that with just a few lterations? If so, take a look at this!

House of Panchhi was established with the sole purpose of providing all women with an ethnic collection of clothes that is of the highest quality and well crafted. We are working to create a brand that incorporates a variety of hues, textures, and silhouettes while embracing and fusing our classic architecture.


Custom apparel is frequently linked to upscale designers and famous people on red carpets. You can however use customised dress in your life too.


To fit the most recent fashion trends, we are continually re-inventing the classic ethnic clothing of India. The goal is to maintain the innate elegance of such garments while showcasing the beauty of Indian ethnic in a way that complements contemporary aesthetics.


Everyone desires a sense of individuality. Every person is different and has special characteristics and tendencies that define them. We at Panchhi, understand this human desire and would like to offer you our new customization feature.


We use customized products to assist you in developing your brand identity. You share your idea, and we design it. We want to empower people to use the potential of customization and made-to-order products to express themselves.

Why Custom-made Apparel!?

The reason for valuing custom fashion is the desire of customers to have clothes that fit perfectly. When you buy clothes online, people find it difficult to choose the right size that perfectly fits the parameters.

By designing their clothes and accessories, people have the opportunity to show their creativity. It is an interesting way to make something new and experiment with different sizes and patterns.


Lehengas are deeply rooted in both our culture and our history. In this blog post, we will explore the new feature of Customizing your Lehengas at Panchhi.

Introducing our new feature…

We are excited to share with you our newest innovation, which gives you unprecedented personalization options for your
fantasy lehengas.

You now can modify different aspects of your Lehenga to suit your preferences thanks to our customization option. We make sure to tailor the entire piece to fit your waist and height perfectly. You control every element of your outfit, from the silhouette to the minute details.

With our new feature, you may now enter a world of limitless creativity and design a lehenga that truly captures your individual style and personality. The feature allows you to showcase your inspiration to our designers and have them style you a lehenga from our wide collection that will include all your customized needs. You get to choose a v-neck, square-neck, or even a sweetheart-neck for our gorgeous blouses.


Take advantage of this chance to let your creativity run wild and produce a work of art that is uniquely yours.

Wrapping up!

We understand that your dream lehenga comprises more than just fabric and stitching. It is an image of your comfort and imagination. Here at House Of Panchhi, our creative team of designers and artisans will work nonstop to bring your idea to life. From the first concept to the final thread, we ensure that your customized lehenga exceeds your expectations and turns into priceless artwork

Check out our wide range of designer lehengas and customize them to your need!

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