Top 7 Monochrome Lehengas To Delve In This New Trend

What is monochromatic ?

One way or the other everyone has once worn monochromatic outfits in their lifetime. Have you ever wondered what monochromatic really means?
Well, here is your answer.
The word  monochromatic comprises two parts. First, “Mono” means 
single and second, “Chromatic” means colour.

How Monochrome started in Fashion?

Monochrome has always been considered more sophisticated than colour. Monochrome has always been an inspiration whether its fashion, design or photography. In terms of fashion, the monochrome history traces back to Coco Chanel’s 1926 ‘Little Black Dress’. It was menswear that gave rise to this trend in those times. After three decades later in the 1960s, it was thriving massively in the women's fashion industry.
However, monochrome has then not left the fashion industry. It is time and again coming back to it. Today, monochrome outfits not just come in black or white, but also in various bold colours. 

How to mix textures in monochromatic outfits?

Wearing monochrome outfits at first thought seems very easy. But if you think to venture into brighter or lighter tones, then it is necessary to understand what suits you and whether you feel confident in it.
Well, to rock monochrome outfits make sure to select the right monochromatic colors. Also,add texture or a touch of pattern to your chosen outfits. 

Why should you wear a monochrome outfit?

Have you ever thought that why wearing monochrome outfits is so trendy? Well, there are some plus points to it. 
Monochrome outfits just not only are easy to choose, they make you look super classy and sophisticated. Other than this it makes you look tall and sharp which is all a woman always wants to look.

How to select the right monochromatic lehengas for yourself ?

This monochrome swing has not even left the Indian traditional wear untouched. Today, we see all monochrome sarees, lehenga cholis, and much more. 
Now, you will be thinking how to choose a perfect monochrome lehenga for yourself. Here are some tips:

  • Do not keep it simple. Add a hint of texture or pattern to make it look visually depth.
  • Balance all three pieces. A lighter tone dupatta with darker tone lehenga and blouse works wonders. No piece should overpower the other.
  • Choose the right colour. If you have fair skin, then go for dark neutral colors. If you have tanned skin, then choose lighter tones.

Choose Monochrome to look unique !

Monochrome lehengas have now become a trend since Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a red monochrome lehenga on her wedding day. Well, this trend is worth giving a chance because these monochrome lehengas easily complement the jewelry while making a fashion statement.
We have curated our top choices of monochrome lehengas to swirl in next wedding functions and festivities.

Here are the top picks from our side



This grey lehenga is sure to create subtle impressions. It has gorgeous zari and coding work along with exquisite thread and sequence work at the bottom. To go along with it is a stunning grey net blouse and a charming grey dupatta with borders on overall.



Well, what’s better than lighter tones for a sunny summer wedding. This sky blue monochrome lehenga has impressive swan zari and moti work accompanied by a sky blue net blouse and a dupatta. Charm your way out with this lehenga with sophisticated jewelry.



Here is the soothing peach monochrome lehenga to please your senses. This appealing lehenga has extravagant Mirror and Gota Patti works coupled with a peach silk blouse and a net dupatta. Beautiful pair of silver earrings with this lehenga just makes you look like a perfect bridesmaid.



Add a hint of royalty to your overall wedding look. This navy blue monochrome lehenga has floor patterns and enchanting mirror and dori work side with a navy blue satin silk blouse and a dupatta. This lehenga when paired with silver jewelry just makes you look ultimate classic beauty.


This ensemble is sure to turn all heads in awe. This pastel lavender lehenga has ethnic floral and mirror work which comes with a lavender net blouse and a net dupatta. A piece of simple yet elegant jewelry with this lehenga is sure to steal the limelight.



Create that fantasy look with this teal monochrome lehenga. It has mirror and zari work beautifully accompanied with cutwork borders. It also has a teal net blouse and a net dupatta. A gold jewelry piece definitely adds a sense of wonder to others.



This enchanting piece is surely going to make you look like a Diva. This lehenga resham and stonework embroidery along with a peach net blouse and a net dupatta. When coupled with a stylish jewelry set makes one ready for a perfect statement look. 

Wear these irresistible lehengas in your next event and make your high fashion statement. 

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