Things to Take Care for a Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon is one of the most romantic seasons. Monsoon not only gives you the best of romantic rain songs but a perfect start to your wedding life. Managing a wedding during the monsoon can be a difficult task and carrying a lehenga is another tough task in a monsoon wedding.

Lehenga is the most popular attire for girls and women for every function. To give you a flawless and classy look, Lehenga never fails to win your heart. From complementing your body curve to making you look splendid, no one can say no to Lehenga.

As you know monsoon season is about to come, for this monsoon wedding there is a big no for Lehenga. But why? Why do you want to spoil your mood? You can still have your classy look with your perfect Lehenga choli with a dupatta. Go till last to have some of the wonderful tips for a monsoon wedding.

Important points which you should remember if you want to look pretty in monsoon:

1. Choose for the indoor venue

The outdoor venue with rain is a total mess. You cannot take this risk for your special day. Rain is beautiful until it spoils your heavy bridal Lehenga.

Choose a beautiful indoor venue for your special day and flaunt your latest bridal Lehenga designs and capture every heart.


2. Choose weather-friendly decoration item

Rain can always accompany thunderstorms, so you should avoid using lightweight decoration items as they will be easily destroyed. Maintaining a dupatta can be a difficult task. You can surely go for crop top Lehenga. It will surely give the perfect chic style statement.


3. Go for light makeup and hairdo

Humidity is the biggest enemy of makeup; you cannot afford to spoil your makeup on your special day. Even if you are not the bride, you cannot take a risk with makeup.  Perfect makeup with perfect Lehenga chunri is just awesome. Go for light and waterproof makeup.

For hairstyle, it is best to do a braid and or any trendy bun, because strong winds may ruin your open hair. Even if you wear a simple Lehenga but with perfect makeup and hairstyle it gives you the most distinctive look and makes you look classy and elegant.


4. Opt for beautiful artificial flower

Flowers are always there at any wedding, but for monsoon real flowers may get ruined. But, still, you can have wonderful and real-like flower decorations.


5. Shaadi ka Lehenga in taaron ki chhaon

This is the most important point. Every girl's dream is to get a big grand princess-like entry at her wedding. Taaron ki chhaon is one such entry but in monsoon, with clouds, it is not naturally possible but there is nothing impossible when you wish hard darling! You can use 3d technology for any effect you wish for and get your fantasy and dreamy entry.


6. Check-list of food

Can you imagine shaadi without a bridal Lehenga? No, similarly you cannot imagine a monsoon without adrak wali chai. This is something which does not need to be mentioned but is always a must in a monsoon wedding. 


7. Do not wear floor-length Lehenga

Say a big no to floor-length Lehenga. Rain can make your Lehenga dirty and messy so make sure you wear a perfect length fancy Lehenga.


8. Wear in which you feel comfortable

Wear a decent stylish lehenga in which you feel comfortable and super gorgeous. Once you are comfortable with what you are wearing it automatically makes you look happy and confident.


9. Check for parking

You want to give the best welcome to your guest, but what about their cars and bikes? You certainly cannot leave them in the rain. You have to wisely check for a venue with good parking availability so there is no hassle. Still, have some doubts about a monsoon wedding? No worries, we will clear all of them. We have given you some very important tips about monsoon weddings; here are some of the very important tips and tricks for ladies for this monsoon wedding.


10. Shorten up your jewelry

Artificial jewelry does not go well in monsoon; it may cause rashes, it's better to cut off artificial jewelry from monsoon weddings.


Are you worried about poses?

Do not get tense about pictures. There are hundreds of ideas to pose with your shimmer lehenga. Pose under a beautifully decorated umbrella to add more drama and filmy touch to your pictures.


Not sure about your size?

Do not take any pain, we provide lehenga in all sizes. We offer plus size lehenga with beautiful designs and colors. The only thing you need to do is love yourself!


Sparkle your glitter

Do not forget these tip ladies. Sparkle your glitter with glitter lehenga. Make everyone go just wow by your grace and looks.


Raise the temperature girls!

If you want to raise the temperature in a windy monsoon you can surely go for a hot lehenga. You can wear a lehenga with a jacket or embrace a super gorgeous backless blouse with flared lehenga, it just depends on you how you want to wear your lehenga. 


How to choose fabric for a monsoon wedding?

This is something that almost every individual looks for. Lehenga is not only about color and design but also about fabric. You need to be very careful when choosing Lehenga dress designs


Our floral print Lehenga is one of the best-selling Lehenga, because of its ease to carry and the ravishing and modern look it becomes the most favorite choice for the new latest Lehenga. Monsoon not only brings joyful rain but also humidity with it. Every girl wants to avoid messy clothes and heavy Lehenga, for their net and organza are the beautiful and best fabric to go for.


Choose pastel color for monsoon

As pastels colors are in trend right now, you can surely opt for pista color net Lehenga. In summer everyone wants to wear something comfortable and breathable, net, organza, chiffon, and georgette are such fabrics you can surely opt for this monsoon wedding.

There is no limit to style and wedding. Lehenga for girls is as important as an indoor venue for a monsoon wedding. For water babies, a monsoon wedding may be a gift but it is difficult to manage things.

We have given some golden tips to take care of during the monsoon wedding including all details about the venue, food, parking, decoration, and fashion.


Don’t forget about music!

Last but not least comes wedding music. Bollywood has given endless numbers on monsoon and rain. Pick music as per your taste and the theme of the wedding.

Punjabi music is one of the most demanding and ever-hit songs at a wedding and to accompany it with Punjabi lehenga gives you the whole feel of Punjab. 

Have a full checklist of all the things you have planned, do not even miss the smallest of things. Mention all things together, check them right before the wedding starts and then enjoy it.


Bottom line

Although a monsoon wedding is tricky to organize it would turn out as a beautiful and distinct wedding if you plan it well beforehand. Check all the things mentioned above and for our beautiful and hardworking ladies, wear your lehenga dress without any tension of rain and enjoy the wedding.

Enjoy a wedding with all your heart. Wedding is the most important day; do not let anything ruin it. Plan, implement, check and enjoy! And yes, don't forget to eat, dance, and click selfies. Pose with all your beauty and enjoy a monsoon wedding like a plant enjoys rain droplets.