Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Lehenga Online

When it comes to choosing an attire style for wedding functions like Haldi, Sangeet, or Mehendi, ‘Kali vala Lehenga’ is what comes to the mind of every girl! A traditional Lehenga is all-time favorite apparel to rock any party or function.

Nothing expresses the liveliness and emotions of the Indian wedding better than a stylish and artistic lehenga choli, whether you buy it online or from physical stores.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, women prefer to buy even lehenga choli online from reliable online bridal wear stores to avail of online shopping facilities.

However, buying a lehenga online has now become a super easy task! The perks of online shopping will attract you to get the best lehenga at your doorsteps while you’re bingeing Netflix -

➔ All styles under one roof
➔ Easy shopping experience
➔ No need to stand in long queues in front of the cash counter
➔ Real-time opinions on your loot
➔ Shopping can be done with just a few clicks
➔ No more shop hunting on foot!

1. Material

The type of material you prefer to wear matters greatly when choosing a lehenga. With House of Panchhi, you have endless material options to choose from, which are not limited to:

➔ Pure Georgette
➔ Organza
➔ Net
➔ Sequins
➔ Chiffon
➔ Satin Silk
➔ Pure Art Silk

A common mistake people make while online shopping is skipping researching the materials of the lehenga they buy. While some fabrics are stretchable, which allows you to order your blouse as per your bust size, other fabrics make your curves more prominent. Most online clothing stores have detailed descriptions of the fabric material. Make sure you go through it before buying that item!

2. Style

The style or type of Lehenga you choose plays an essential role in deciding your final look! Make sure you explore different styles and decide which one you should select.

➔ Multi-layers Lehenga
➔ Shaded Net Zig-Zag Embroidered Lehenga
➔ A-line Lehenga
➔ Panelled or Kalidar Lehenga
➔ Short or Cropped Lehenga
➔ Lehenga skirt with a lot of gher or ghera
➔ Mirror Work Net Embroidered Lehenga
➔ Georgette Lakhnavi Work Lehenga
➔ Georgette Sequence Embroidered Lehenga
➔ Fully Flared Ruffle Frill Lehenga

3. Size and Fittings

Size charts fluctuate between brands. As a result, it is advisable to review the size of the chart on the online store's website before purchasing your apparel.
Check the website for the model's size as well. It might give you a better sense of what size you need to buy. To skirt the issue, take measurements beforehand and check the size char

4. Reliability of the brand selling Lehengas

Several online clothing stores are selling some great clothing items. However, you should always look for clothing stores that have a good name. Avoid shopping from online stores that are not well-known.

Further, look for customer reviews. They will give you genuine insights and real
perspectives about the store and its products.

5. The occasion of buying it

The type and range of Lehenga you choose are always dependent on the occasion you’re going to wear it. If you’re looking for a Lehenga to flaunt a party night, a Fully Flared Ruffle Frill Lehenga is what you need to buy. Or, if you are attending your best friend's wedding, a Mirror Work Net Embroidered Lehenga or a Pure Georgette Embroidered Lehenga can help you get that gorgeous look!

Further, with the advancement of technology, online shopping has become an easy task. However, one still needs to be careful online shopping is not always a walk in the park! So, here are few things to consider when shopping online:

The DO’s of Online Shopping

➔ Check the specifications of the product
➔ Read the reviews
➔ Do proper research on the online shopping portal
➔ Read the terms and conditions
➔ Go through return and exchange policy
➔ Consider the on-hand availability
➔ Do window shopping to explore the best price and reviews

The DON'Ts of Online Shopping

➔ Skip online payment if the payment gateway is not safe
➔ Don't fall for deals that you see on the social networking sites
➔ Restrict buying if the reviews are poor or sound fake
➔ Don’t get attracted to deals that give heavy discounts or are priced too low

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