Poses for best photos in a wedding lehenga

Who does not want good photos? Either just for capturing the moments or for the Instagram likes, you need the best clicks of the day. But what if at the moment you do not have any idea about posing in a lehenga? To save you from the situation we have made a list of best poses for the finest photos of your life in a wedding lehenga.

A wedding lehenga would give you such an elegant look that nothing else can compare. Your wedding day would be the best day of your life and to make it extra special for yourself you need to capture all the best moments. How about some extra photos with the most beautiful-looking poses that would add a smile to your face later? 

Thus, have a photoshoot with the best poses that would stay with you all your life. But before you go through the poses let's answer some most common questions that would come into your mind when you think of getting the best clicks.

best poses in lehengas

How should a lehenga's pose look slim? 

Want to look slimmer with a lehenga without photoshop? You do not have to be slim to look slim in the photos. You can work on a few minute details to make you look slim in  the photos. Here are a few things you need to work on to look slimmer.

  • Color: You don't notice but colors affect your figure too. To look slim you can choose dark colors or you can choose to go monotone.
  • Hair: Wearing your hair according to your face would bring out the most beautiful of your face. Choose a hairstyle that compliments your face.
  • Jewelry: Your jewelry would make a huge difference to your look thus you need to choose jewelry accordingly. 
  • Height: Taller people look slimmer. You can choose footwear with heels to boost up your height for full photos. 
  • Posture: Best poses required best postures. Keep a straight posture to look slim.
  • Lingerie: Your lingerie can make or break the game. So make sure to choose the perfect lingerie.
  • Skin: Who knew by showing some skin you can look slimmer? But I'm telling you, you would. So don't think more and show some skin. 
  • Lehenga: To look slim your lehenga needs to be made of good fabric. You also need to wear a lehenga properly. 
  • Dupatta: Carrying a dupatta in certain ways would make you look slimmer. So you need to try different ways to check which one makes you look slimmer. 

What are some couple poses for pictures?

If you are looking for the best Couple pose ideas to make your photoshoot worthy then go through this list to get the most romantic and unique ideas.

1. Side by side pose

This is the basic pose. You can pose standing or sitting side by side with your partner. 

2. Lifting pose

You can ask your partner to lift you for this pose. Ask the photographer to capture the whole process. Take some candid photos as well. You can try these poses in simple lehenga as well as in heavy lehenga. 

3. Running away pose

Hold hands with your partner and act as if both of you would run. This would add some spice if you are feeling bored. The whole process would be enjoyable as well. This is the best lehenga photoshoot pose as it would present a full-body picture with your partner.

4. A kiss on the hand

This pose can be tried in different ways. Ask your partner to sit on a knee then try this pose. It looks adorable. You can try this pose yourself by sitting on a knee and kissing his hand. This would add a unique photo to your album.

5. Holding from back

It might sound like a boring pose but it looks classy and cute. Hold your partner from back and your head on his back. This pose can be clicked from different angles to make it look more unique. This is the best pose from the list of most appealing bride pose ideas.

6. The forehead kiss

This pose will signify the care of both persons towards each other. Stand straight, hold the waist with both hands or head with one hand and waist with the other and kiss the forehead of your partner. This is a gender-neutral pose so it is advised to try by both partners. 

7. Laying on the ground

This pose may sound difficult but would look best. For this pose find an even and clean ground. A ground with grass is suggested. Then lay down while facing each other and body horizontal to the ground. This should be clicked from above to get the full picture.

Must try poses ideas in a lehenga dress


  • Sitting on stairs with lehenga and dupatta flowing. must try this with your bridal lehenga.

Sitting Pose in Lehenga


  • Hold your lehenga up and show your feet.

lehenga poses for bride


  • Lay on the bed to get the full picture.

  • Sit and look up at the camera.

Lehenga photo poses at home


  • A photo with a veil is a must-try for your album.

lehenga dress poses

  • Click a photo with a lehenga while admiring it.

poses for bride in lehenga

  • Sitting on a chair or sofa would be classy.

  • Show your swag in a few clicks.

standing poses in lehenga


  • Swirl around to get the perfect shot.

poses for bride in lehenga

You can try various experiments and get the most unique clicks for your wedding album.

poses in lehengas


standing pose in lehenga

Which color is best for a bridal lehenga? 

Bridal lehengas are available in as many colors as you can imagine. But which color is best for a bride? Let's find some of the best colors of lehenga that would make you feel euphoric. Pink lehengasdark blue lehengaoff-white lehenga, etc. are super trendy among all the brides. 

The color that suits your body should be chosen to make your lehenga. Don't go for last-minute changes, instead decide ahead of time. Choose the color that suits you the best, outlines your features, and gives a rich look to your body and face.

Most people prefer warm shades like hot pink, coral white, orange, yellow, red, and peach. If you want to experiment you can choose royal blue and dusty pink. Try to avoid dull colors; they might make you look tired in photos. 

How should wedding photos pose?

For the best wedding photos start with the start.

1. Be natural

Try to be natural in every photo. Hold hands with your partner like you always do. If you tease each other then take photos while doing that. Mischievous photos would be best for remembering those moments, later. Be natural so your lehenga poses pic can look much more gorgeous.

2. Show what you feel

Show your care towards your partner while posing. Make sure your eyes can reflect your love toward your partner. For doing this you would have to be less anxious.

3. Be in the moment

Above things can be followed only when you stay in the moment. Thus, be in the moment with your partner. Feel him and show what you feel and capture that.

4. Avoid these mistakes

Because you tend to be afraid and anxious you might make a few silly mistakes. You need to avoid the minor mistakes made in photo pose for girl in lehenga. Below are a few mistakes you might make during the sesh:
  • Not setting proper time for the shoot
  • Ending a pose too fast
  • Practicing too much 
  • Not communicating with the photographer 
  • Shying away
  • Not being natural

5. The camera person

Believe it or not but all games depend on the person who is going to take your photos. So, instead of settling up with some amateur, choose a pro to take your pictures. A pro photographer would have much more experience. They would give you the best lehenga photoshoot ideas. Wallah, a bonus for you!

Be yourself and be natural to get the best photos of your wedding. Do not take too much stress and try to enjoy your wedding. A most important tip: have better communication with the photographer and tell them to capture as many candids as they can. Because candid pictures carry an essence, pose pictures can never have.