Lehengas For Lohri This Year

5 Types of Lehengas For Lohri This Year

With Lohri around the corner you or a friend might have wondered why Lohri is celebrated. The correct answer is that Lohri celebrates the passing of the winter solstice as the Sun moves northwards and days start getting longer.

Lohri means bonfires, song and dance. It is a time of great celebration in the Punjab region of India. Friends and family gather outside their homes and burn great bonfires around which they dance and sing songs, play drums and have feasts. Ladies dress in Lohri outfits which include Lehengas of many varieties. If you are looking for Lohri outfit ideas, please read on.

     1. Try the net look for your Lohri Dress:

A net lehenga feels lighter and fluffier compared to Lehengas with heavy work on them. So it’s easier and more comfortable to carry off as a Lohri dress. This featured Lehenga is a Grey Coloured Net Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga. It is a great choice as a dress for the Lohri function.

     2. Go for the luxury of Zari embroidery

    A zari Lehenga is perfect for the Lohri celebration as the gold will match the colours of the Sun for which Lohri is celebrated. This featured Yellow Coloured Zari Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga is the perfect answer to “what to wear to a lohri party?”.

         3. Make Lohri 2021 the year for a Satin Silk Lehenga

      A satin silk Lehenga provides utmost smoothness and comfort feeling to the skin. It looks great with light bouncing off it in shiny patterns. This featured Teal Coloured Satin Silk A-Line Semi Stitched Lehenga will be a hit in all lohri festivities.

          4. Pure silk is unmistakable

        When it comes to utmost luxury and comfort, nothing beats pure silk. This featured Pink Coloured Silk A-Line Semi Stitched Lehenga is a piece to proudly wear in the Lohri celebrations and sing and dance with abandon.

             5. Shibori Printed Lehengas are growing in popularity

          Shibori dyeing is a Japanese style of dyeing which is growing in popularity. This Rani Coloured Shibori Printed Semi Stitched Lehenga is a perfect example of the rich colours and hues that this dyeing process can accomplish.

          Please accept our hearty Lohri Wishes for you and your family! Celebrate, sing, dance and enjoy great food Punjabi style!