Lehenga Care Tips And Store After A Wedding

Lehenga is the best part of the wedding. From bridal Lehenga to bridesmaid lehenga, there is lehenga all around you. Coming in a huge variety of colors, prices, designs, etc. you just can't get over it.

Wedding Lehenga is the main thing in any wedding. Your eyes can't stop rolling over the bride's lehenga. Every girl's dream is to wear their dream lehenga and get ready for their big day. Looking at your lehenga gets you flying butterflies in your stomach. The excitement and positivity you get from your lehenga is just a pure divine feeling.

How to care for your Lehenga?

One might think is there anything to take care of in lehenga? Yes, there are. And you need to take care of your lehenga else you will lose the entire ravishing look making you super gorgeous. These ghagra dresses are the main highlight of Navratri. How can you even ignore such beautiful attire? Let's have some easy and simple care and storage tips –

Dry clean it- once all the functions are done does not delay in dry cleaning your Lehenga dress. All the brides have to do a large number of rituals this makes their Lehenga very dirty and sometimes greasy too. Once you are finished with everything do not delay this step and get your lehenga cleaned.

Fold your Lehenga carefully- Lehenga for a wedding is the most important lehenga to take care of. Fold in the right way, make sure all the layering is at the proper place, and are folded all together with nice and easy hands. Do not press them tightly.

Wrap with muslin clothes- The lehenga dress comes with a beautiful intricate design of stones, thread work, zari work, sequence work, and many more, keeping this lehenga without wrapping it with muslin clothes can ruin these beautiful work of art.

 Wrap your lehenga dress properly in a muslin cloth after folding it to protect your lehenga from being ruined. 

How to pack your lehenga with care?

  • Pack it with care-

Lehenga for brides must be handled with ultra care. After wrapping it do not put it right there make sure everything is in place and properly covered with muslin clothes they place them in a plastic bag which can be properly sealed.

Lehenga dresses are not only about grace and beauty but also for memories and elegance you get with that. Every lehenga dress holds a lehenga story to be remembered after. 

  • Use naphthalene balls-

After putting it in a plastic bag, put naphthalene balls inside it. These balls are used to prevent any fungus development in the lehenga due to any reason. These balls also prevent creating a foul smell. Sometimes because of humidity or other reasons foul smells may come from lehenga.

  • Use vacuum pump-

This is an expert step and creates a huge difference. After folding, wrapping, and putting in plastic bags with naphthalene balls use a vacuum pump to create a vacuum. Air promotes the multiplication of any fungus or bacteria, removing all air directly stops the reproduction of any such bacteria and fungus in your lehenga or ghagra dress.

  • Use a box-

Even after putting your lehenga in the plastic bag it is not fully secure, buy a good quality box for storing your lehenga. Make sure the box is dry.

  • Do not use hangers-

Do not use hangers to handle your lehenga dress as it may hamper the drape of your dress, making it look weird and messy. Pack them correctly and put them in the box straight.

  • Place them in the right space-

Make sure the area is not too humid or receives direct sunlight. Place them with care at the right place where your lehenga and cancan skirt can rest peacefully!!

How to wear your lehenga to avoid damage?

Now, these are the tips to consider while storing your lehenga. What are the care tips while you are wearing your lehenga? Here are some best care tips-

  • Use cancan skirt-

If you are not satisfied with the volume of your Ghagra, just use a cancan skirt to add more volume to your Lehenga and make it look more gorgeous and heavenly. Cancan skirt comes in a large variety, choose your skirt and you are done. Even a simple lehenga looks more gorgeous when you add volume to it.

  • Do not put lehenga on the ground-

Yes, you might think that lehenga is to be touched to the ground, do it but do not overdo it as it will damage the linings of your lehenga dress. Make sure you choose the correct length of the lehenga, pair it with the right sandals or heels to make it secure just above the ground level.

  • Eat properly-

Eat your food by yourself, do not offer your food to lehenga. This is the basic care tip everyone knows yet everyone makes mistakes. Eat your food with a little care that only you eat your food, not your lehenga.

  • Take care on the dance floor-

Dancing your heart out is very important and very basic in any wedding but take care of your bridal lehenga. Even for brides with their divine lehengas on the dance floor, make sure one is stepping their dance steps on your lehenga. Do not hurt your cute lehenga in any way.

Make your day perfect with you perfect lehenga

Lehenga and ghagra dresses are not only about weddings and photos; it is much more than that. It accompanies lots of memories with it. Taking care of lehenga is as important as taking care of your memories to be cherished even after that day. Lehenga is not only for brides, as it comes in the huge design and variety you can wear almost everywhere. Have your touch with Lehenga to make it more matching to your personality. Make your fusion; create your style and your memories.

Shaadi ka lehenga is the world's best dress for any girl.  Every girl dreams of it at any point in life. It comes with the hope of the best life after that big and special day. It comes with joy, love, blessing, and a lot more.

Colorful and vibrant ghagra dresses

Ghagra is one of the varieties of lehenga very famous in Gujarat and all over India as well. These colorful  ghagra cholis are a sight to behold. Making everything colorful and joyful these beautiful ghagra dresses are the perfect mix of colors and design.

Generally, people prefer heavy dresses for weddings. It makes you look ravishing and splendid. Posing for photos with beautiful lehengas is a must thing for any wedding. Enjoying a wedding with your lehenga mates is such a pleasure and enjoyment that you can never express in words.

If you are not too much of lehenga girls you even try this lehenga without a dupatta to get a more modern chic look for the day. No matter how you wear your lehenga the thing which matters is to be confident and comfortable in your lehenga.

Lehenga fabric and it’s endless variety

Lehenga fabric comes in a wide variety like velvet lehenga, silk lehenga; net lehenga, etc. choose your lehenga with your heart. Break all stereotypes and wear a beautiful lehenga with all your fusion and creativity and feel confident in it. You just have to break all barriers of your imagination and you can get your Lehenga with your style to make every function as special as you.

Bottom Line

Lehenga is all about you and your day, even if you are not a bride you still have hundreds of options available to wear the perfect lehenga made for you. From floral to sequence, from silk to velvet lehenga are made with and made into anything. Try different lehenga, dupatta draping methods to make your look more classy and distinctive. Put your lehenga with confidence, feel the happiness and joy of wearing your lehenga and compliment it with your beautiful smile, and you are done, gorgeous ladies.