Essential Shopping Tips for a bridesmaid

A bridesmaid has the toughest work on the day of the wedding. This is the day when so many eyes would be glued to you. This is the day with experiences like never before. Thus, it is important that you give your best for the bride and with your looks. 

You need to look beautiful on every occasion of the marriage. From bachelorette parties to bridal showers you would have to look stunning. In all your duties as a bridesmaid, things might feel a bit chaotic. You may feel like skipping it all along but you need to keep your calm and look gorgeous.

Things a bridesmaid need to buy for sure

Just like any other person in the marriage you are a guest too, therefore you need to carry the essentials to the destinations. Here are a few things you might need in your delighted days.
  • Shoes: Keep different kinds of shoes that go with your dresses.
  • Clutch: It is your battle armor. It would contain anything from your phone to handkerchiefs. 
  • Jewelry: Remember to buy jewelry that goes with your fancy dupatta.
  • Bras: Keep every kind of bra with you to go with your dresses like traditional lehenga or lehenga for the wedding party.
  • Substitute clothes: Not every cloth would have a substitute cloth but try to buy a few simple chiffon sarees as a substitute.

What to shop for to look different?

It is really difficult for a bridesmaid to decide what to shop for? There are thousands of options available for bridesmaid dresses which make shopping arduous. But don’t worry, with a bit of research you can find the perfect wedding lehenga. Look for the clothes that would make you look different on the occasion. 

If you want to be a bit experimental you can try for crop top lehengaNet lehenga stays always in demand so you can wear it on other occasions too. A golden lehenga would be best for you on every occasion. Ensure that whatever you are going to buy is not going to be red bridal lehenga so that your friend can feel special on her auspicious day.

How to do Bridesmaid Dress Shopping?

You would found thousands of options of dresses and accessories but how to choose what is best for you? To get you out from the dilemma we have made a list of tips that can help you in your shopping.

Shopping list

A shopping list is the first thing you should make. Jot own all the most important things first, then secondary, and lastly the additional one. This would help you to shop with a clear aim for things.


Do not ignore your budget. First make sure how much you are going to spend in your shopping. Fix the shopping list based on your budget.


You can talk to people who you trust for advices about what to buy. Be ready for constructive criticism. Ask other bridesmaids what they are going to buy so you can go matching or avoid it entirely.

Talk to the bride

Consult with the bride before shopping. If your friend wants to wear a particular color you can give it a shot. You can find various beautiful lehengas in different colors like purple lehenganavy blue lehengaroyal blue lehengasilver lehengamaroon lehengadark green lehengapastel lehenga, etc. Thus, communicate to her to know what she wants.

Be ready to experiment

You can try different kinds of lehengas as well. You would find various options if you search for designer lehenga online. Visit the best online shopping sites for lehengas to get trendy lehengas or modern lehenga. You can buy a cotton lehenga choli to wear on other occasions. Try to shop for clothes that would make you feel comfortable. If you would feel comfortable you would have confidence.

Small things that go unnoticed mostly


You want to have everything perfect for your friend’s wedding which in turn would lead to ignoring your budget. Keep this in mind and do budget-friendly shopping. To manage your budget, you can even look for a discount on online sites. You would get the best discount on Gujarati chaniya cholishimmer lehengalightweight lehenga, etc.

Time management

If you think you can shop for a few weeks before the wedding then you are wrong. You should shop little by little before a few months. Shopping a few days before the wedding would bring a great mess. Meanwhile, you ordered a full blouse lehenga a week before the wedding and it does not fit you. In that case, you would waste your time with the returning process. To avoid the whole scenario, go shopping ahead of time.

Dress management

It is important to have a little spare cloth in your dresses as it would help you out in a situation if you gain a little weight. The same thing would work if you lose some weight have the number of a reachable tailor on your speed dial so you can fix the problem. Another scenario may occur if you don’t get your measurement done professionally. In this case, you might buy an entirely wrong-sized cloth that would not fit you.

Gift shopping tips for a friend's wedding

While shopping for yourself at your friend’s wedding, don’t forget to buy her wedding gift. Your gift would stay close to her for her whole life, therefore, choose something that stays with her for a long period. It is going to be the best day for your friend. Thus, to make it more special, gift her something meaningful and useful.


If you are looking for a gift that can be used by your friend for a long time you can gift her dupatta. You can gift her banarasi dupattasilk dupattamulticolor bandhani duppata, etc. that are easily available in various colors. You can even buy a bridal dupatta for your friend after consulting with her. A patola dupatta would be best for your friend if she likes heavy work duptta.

Chiffron sarees

After marriage, your friend would have to wear sarees. So, why not gift her sarees to her to welcome her into her new life. Chiffon is a lightweight texture material. Thus, would prove to be the best fabric for your friend to carry and handle. You can gift her plain chiffon sareepure chiffon floral print sareesfloral design sareesBollywood chiffon saree, etc.


You can gift your friend various accessories that she would use later in her life. Gift her earrings, rings, personalized rings, jewelry, etc.


Gift your friend a personalized watch. You symbolize your togetherness you can get one for yourself of the same look too.


To make your friend’s new life more comfortable, gift her appliances that would ease her workload. You can gift her coffee maker, blender toaster, microwave, oven, anything.

Home decor

You can gift your friend interesting home décor to make her feel your essence in her new home. Gift her photo frames, wall clocks, idols, décor showpiece, wall hangings, etc. 

These days would be the most memorable days of your life. To enjoy them properly shop accordingly. You can get various things at a discount if you keep an eye on the offers. Do not give a lot load on your pocket and buy the necessities first then choose any other things that you think are important for you to buy. Most of these clothes would not be used again thus shop for clothes that might be worn again.