7 Lehenga Trends that You Need to Know

It is impossible to say no to traditional Indian attire. It is colourful, cultural, unique, and just overall Iconic. Even when the American socialite and diva Kim Kardashian herself appeared on the Vogue India March 2018 cover wearing stunning lehengas and sarees, people were mesmerised. Hence, proving that an Indian lehenga is something that complements every beauty regardless of their background and enhances it.

Trends are common in every field. It is what keeps the crowd buzzing after all and of course, Lehengas are no exception to it. Lehengas have been a part of our culture since the dawn of time and still remain as fresh as day one. While there are tons of choices for wedding or celebration outfits, you just cannot beat the gorgeousness of an Indian Lehenga and we will tell you exactly why.

Why prefer Lehenga over other outfits?

There are a million obvious reasons why you should go for a lehenga in comparison to any other outfit. Well, just look at them. Let us break it down into a few sections and we are certain that you will not be able to resist opting for a lehenga even for your next birthday event.

• The variety

One great thing about lehengas is that they are not the same all over the country. Every religion, state, and even area has its own way to create and style this stunning attire. Be it Gujarati Ghagra Choli style lehenga, Southern Indian Langa voni lehenga, or Kashmiri Embroidered Lehenga. Each has its own beauty that leaves everyone in awe. All of these lehengas are further customized as per a person’s choices.

• Easy to wear

Lehengas are essentially a skirt and top but a lot more glammed. Skirts are often comfortable wear for a majority of ladies. So, why not wear the glam version to busy, chaotic weddings and occasions? This free, versatile attire is bound to make heads turn and make you feel like a queen. Also, twirling about in lehengas making fun of boomerangs and reels is definitely a hit.

• Traditional yet stylish

Indeed, they hit both marks. A good lehenga holds the power to wow your social media followers along with satisfying the desi aunties. In this contemporary time and with new, trendy designers on the rise every day, it is possible for outfits to be traditional while also staying in fashion. Therefore, it is quite easy to opt for a lehenga when it provides you with the best of both worlds.

Lehenga Trends that are definitely in for the 2022 wedding season

1. The Chic and Breezy Net Lehenga

An evergreen style if you want to play it safe. Net lehenga choli is something that every brown girl has worn at least once in her lifetime. They are light, and airy and give the wearer a whimsical princess look that is adored by the majority.

2. The Always Trendy Silk Lehenga

This royal lehenga choli style is perfect for those aiming to make an impact. While silk lehengas can be a tad bit expensive as compared to other materials, they are definitely worth the hype. Choose silk if you want to feel like a dignified noble woman.

3. Captivating Sequins Lehenga

Do you love glitz and glam? Then this one's for you. A sequin lehenga choli is the bold choice of an even bolder lady. This lehenga will make you shine and stand out from the crowd. Quite literally. No matter what colour or design you go for in a sequin lehenga, the crowd is guaranteed to be stunned.

4. Easy to Carry Mirror Lehenga

A mirrorwork lehenga is adorned with dazzling tiny little mirrors all over the skirt. Mirror work is traced back to having originated in Persia and is believed to be introduced in India during the Mughal Era. The history of mirrorwork lehenga and clothing states that it protects the wearer from the evil eye. Who would not want to look gorgeous while also averting the evil eye then?

5. The Girlish Lehenga

A girlish lehenga style is the love child of traditional Indian ethnic wear and handwork or embroidery. The girlish lehenga combines a couple of different styles in case you are unable to pick just one. Here's to making the most of your indecisiveness!

6. The Elegant Pure Georgette Lehenga

A pure georgette lehenga is something that is always in demand. The way a georgette lehenga’s material flows is incomparable to any other fabric. Georgette also falls into the silk family as it is woven silk material. Considering how highly silk is regarded, you can imagine how in demand georgette must be.

7. The comfortable yet stylish Printed lehengas

Last but not least, Printed lehengas are all the hype right now. Want to make a statement, while being all comfortable? A printed lehenga is the perfect answer! Right from digital prints to hand-painted prints, they are sure to make you stand out. They can be trendy, traditional, modern, or a combination of all these. Perfect for any occasion, these lehengas are sure to make you the trendsetter wherever you go.



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