5 Ideas to Get the Best Clicks with Your Lehengas

Wedding season, lenghas and photography are like triplets that can never be separated! 😀 

This wedding season, House of Panchhi shares 5 hot ideas to look cool in your traditional lenghas… 😎 

Pre-wedding shoots are undeniably a new addition on the wedding to-do list. Destination wedding shoots to traditional clicks every style of photography is craved by lenghas.


New generations bring new fashion trends! Gone are the days when a photo shoot could be done only with a person all dolled-up. 🥰 The latest trend that’s catching up in weddings and other traditional shoots is; featuring lenghas by hanging them out. Yeah! You heard that right… 

Here are two stylish styles of featuring your lengha by hanging it:

A. Wall:
Hang on a well painted wall. Let there be some smart furniture and decor around but make sure of two things:
1. The colour of the wall is in contrast to your lengha colour.
2. The furniture around is low-key so that your lengha is highlighted well.

B. Nature:
Creative freedom goes boundless here! You can hang your lengha from a tree, a balcony, on a mannequin, on a fibre partition, a dolled-up fan etc.
Hanging it from a tree can look epic. Ensure two things here:
1. The colour of the lengha is not brown or green so as not to merge it with
the background.
2. Pep it up with some dream-catchers, windchimes or any other traditional
themed handicraft hanging.

Royalty is legendary! It is impossible to find a person who would not want to look like royalty when dressed up in a grand traditional lengha.

A. Corridors:
Smartly lit and tastefully decorated corridors are easy to find in royal hotels and grand resorts. More often than not, even the corridors in ancient forts, castles, temples etc are a work of art and can provide a fantastic picture perfect location. So why wait? Get your click todayyyyy…

B. Horse back:
Have you ever thought how grand, royal and unique it would look to sit on a horse back with your super classy lengha on? Wow! You already imagined it!

Think about it, a silkily royal dark shaded beautifully designed lengha, adorned by you while riding on a beautiful white horse. It would be a treat to the eyes.

Some things never age, like certain styles and fashions. Be it a bridge or a cliff they can make your precious lenghas look anciently classy.

A. Bridge:
A light shade lengha like, baby pink, ivory, beige etc would look super attractive in the backdrop of a garden with a small cross-over bridge. A classy romantic pose on a bridge, wating for your bae.

B. Cliff cut:
Imagine yourself wearing an attractive lengha in the darker shades of blue, posing from a cliff lost into the sky and the camera capturing the shot from a low point. Got goose berms??
Ensure to take this pose when your lengha has intricate designs. The lowcamera angle with bring the lengha’s work in superb focus.

Pictures capture the moments and make them a memory forever. These are treasures we cherish for life. Having our loved ones in them with our lenghas to die for; is a must

A. With your bff or bride-maids:
If you are the bride or you are a bride’s maid, you deserve to capture your love with your bff in that beautiful lengha for keeps. Any backdrop like a garden-lawn or a furnished room with your girls sitting on different furniture pieces would look WOW!

B. With your fiancée or groom:
How can you even miss out on this one? Antique furniture, classic lighting for you and your bae is an apt arrangement for a memorable click. If your lengha and his sherwani are colour coded it would be a cherry on the cake.

Are you able to relate with the ‘LOVE’ so many females feel for lenghas?

Yeahhhh…?? It is so feminine! Flaunting the flair of the much-loved lengha is always a priority of any female!

A. Fill the flair – Circle:
You are a core lover of feminine beauty and taste, if this excites you! While being a little girl every female must have dreamt about sitting on a floor with her magically gorgeous lengha’s flair surrounding her in a perfect circle. So, ensure you remember to fulfil this desire when you don a lengha!

B. Fill the flair – Chair or Stairs:
With stiff materialled lengha, sitting on a chair can do the magic. If the material of your lengha is soft or net based remember to chose a spot on a nice lovely staircase and spread your lengha out. A click taken from a droneangel would make you look like a princess for sure.

Smart clicks in adorable lenghas have always been a craze amongst beautiful ladies carrying them with grace. So, which of the above clicks are getting into your bucket list today?

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Did our brainstorming supplement on your lengha-clicks, click for you?

Happy Clicking!
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