5 Easy Lehenga Dupatta Styles to up your Glam Game

Aren’t Lehengas every Indian girl's Dream outfit? Because it’s definitely ours! Lehengas are the most popular choice of outfit when it comes to Festivals, Traditional Events and specially weddings. When paired with the right jewellery, makeup, and draping style, it instantly elevates your look and makes you sassy and stylish. However, choosing the right style of Draping for your Lehenga can be a hassle at times. Draping a lehenga dupatta is a work of art and every one should have at least a few styling options to achieve that fabulous look! We’ve got 5 Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles to ease you off that task and instantly up your Glam Game.

Drape 1: Open Dupatta pinned on one side

Effort Level: 1\10

This Lehenga Dupatta Draping style is the easiest and doesn't require too much effort. Just pin it on one shoulder and slay it like an open saree pallu. This look is simply effortless and stunning. 

Drape 2: Front Diagonal Open Dupatta pinned on the corner

Effort Level: 2\10

Wearing the Front Diagonal open dupatta drape, you'll look like a princess with unmatched royal elegance. Pin your dupatta from the two corners on the same side and lay it across the top of the other shoulder. This style emphasises your lehenga while drawing attention to your dupatta as well. 

Drape 3: Cape Style over the shoulder Dupatta

Effort Level: 4\10

The Cape Style Dupatta adds a more sophisticated vibe to your outfit. To achieve this look pull the Dupatta over your shoulders with both the ends at the front. This Ultra modern dupatta style will leave you looking like a queen. Tip: Secure it with a belt on the waist to achieve a more defined look. 

Drape 4: Simple Traditional Salwar Suit Dupatta

Effort Level: 2\10

Don’t let your heavily embellished dupatta go to waste. Flaunt it like a regular salwar suit dupatta and show off that dazzling border. This style is most preferred on Mehendi Day and will leave you looking like a doll.  Tip: Secure it with a pin on both shoulders to be hassle free. 

Drape 5: Front flow with Side Pleat Dupatta

Effort Level:5\10

Look demure and pretty with the Front flow Side Pleat Dupatta Drape. Neatly pleat one side of your dupatta and tuck it in your lehenga to secure it. Lay it across on the other shoulder from the front to create a beautiful cascading effect for your dupatta. This drape is sure to turn some heads and leave everyone envying your style.